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Construction Business
The core business of the Group is building construction. With passion, professionalism and profound experience, the Group has established a reputation in local construction industry as a quality builder for residential, commercial, industrial properties and educational and recreational facilities.
The scope of construction services Include:
  1. Low-rise and high-rise residences
  2. Office buildings
  3. Commercial and residential complex
  4. Industrial buildings
  5. Factories
  6. Public housing estates
  7. Institutional buildings
  8. Schools
  9. Clubhouses
  10. Golf courses
  11. Recreational facilities
  12. Community infrastructure
  13. Site formation
  14. Foundation
  15. Ferry
  16. Road
  17. Drainage works
On top of construction services, our experienced team of managers and property professionals are dedicated to providing quality "one-stop" "Design-and Build" services to developers. We participate in the whole project development process, from land acquisition/feasibility study, design, construction, sales and marketing, right up to the final testing and commissioning. In addition, the Group's property management division can deliver efficient and cost effective facility management solutions as an on-going management service.
The subsidiaries responsible for Construction Business:




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